inline skating london

Throughout the Summer we bring the gym to the park, strap it on wheels and give it a bit of a push!.

Every SkateFit session starts with a good old warm up (on and off the grass). Then we hit the tarmac running - or should we say rolling - with a series of laps designed to get you up to speed and get you burning off those calories.

We focus on building up your skating stamina and perfecting your technique so you can move faster for less effort. And we do lots of exercises to develop your core strength and tone up those skating muscles.

Then to finish - before we do our final stretches - we play some great games that'll take you straight back to the school playground.

Don't worry if you're a bit rusty. Skate Fit attracts skaters of all levels. Everyone trains at their own pace and we stop after each lap to catch our breath and let everyone catch up.

Complete beginner? Get yourself booked onto a Beginners Course and you'll soon be ready to join the SkateFit club.

inline skating in london

  • SkateFit sessions last for 90mins and run every other Saturday 12.30pm

inlineskating sessions london

  • Warm Up

    A good 15 mins stretching and warming up.

  • Dynamic Drills

    Designed to get your heart pumping, improve your balance & skating technique.

  • Static Workout

    Where we put your upper body muscles (abs, biceps and triceps...etc) to the test.

  • Games

    We play lots of cool games that make skating second nature.