Ok, so you're up and off. Well done! You can skate forward, turn in both directions and stop to order.

Lesson 3 is designed for you to try out more advanced techniques. This is where you really start to look like you can skate.

But we can't say it enough - you need to practice, practice, practice. If you want to pile on the style you need to put some miles on the clock.

Our Skate Fit sessions give you a great environment in which to practice and really master your new skills.

It's much more fun doing drills in a group and reassuring to meet other skaters rolling along the same learning curve.

  • One Foot Glide

    All that scooting and toe-rolling starts to pay off and start to get some air under your wheels.

  • 'T' Stops

    Once you've really mastered balancing on one leg you're ready to learn a third way to stop.

  • Backwards

    It's a big subject this - but we're going to give you a feel for it and some exercises to keep going on with.

  • Grass Stops

    Useful for bailing out - grass stops are cool move that occasionally proves very handy.

  • Kerb handling

    Even handier. A mini masterclass in getting on and off of pavements safely.

next inline skating lesson

There's loads more to learn - Skate Fit sessions will keep you up to speed and throughout the season we'll be running specialist programmes to develop your skills.

Keep an eye out for other courses as they're announced throughout the Spring. Or book a private lesson