Once you've got the basics covered, it's time to develop your balance, build your confidence and master a few new skills!

'Beginners 2' is choc-a-bloc with exercises and drills you can practice again and again. And you should! Do your homework and you'll be skating like a pro in no time at all.

Your second lesson works as a great exercise class - you get to practice your drills with an expert to coach you and keep you skating on the straight and narrow.

Many of the drills we practice in the second lesson are mirrored in our 'SkateFit' sessions. So once you're through with lesson 2 you should be ready to join in the general fun and games.

inline skate lesson london, second lesson

  • Lazy Skating (stride 2)

    It doesn't have to be hard work! As you develop your stride you'll be learning how to go faster for much less effort. And you'll look cool too!

  • Swizzles / lemons

    Some people call them swizzles. Others call them lemons. We call them essential training.

  • Scooting

    Brilliant for balance and easy to practice on your own. Scoot enough and you'll be a proper skater. Scoot a lot and you'll be great!

  • Toe Rolls

    You can do it! Toe rolls are a big step in the direction of skating Nirvana.

  • Parallel Turns

    Get turning on a sixpence and impress your friends. There's nothing quite like 'em.

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You should be ready to join SkateFit. And next week you'll be learning more cool moves in Lesson 3 >>