Never skated? A bit rusty? We promise to be gentle with you. Our Beginners Course is designed to transform you from wobbly novice to cool skate dude, ASAP.

It makes a brilliant starting point or refresher course - and it's a great way to zap any bad habits (we've all had them) before they cause you big problems.

In your first lesson it's back to basics and you'll learn everything you need know, to get you going with confidence.

There's a big focus on safety and control, so we teach you to stop just as soon as you've got the hang of moving forward. Then we'll get you doing simple (and very stable) 'A' frame turns.

Then after all that, we'll finish off with some fun games that'll bring out your inner child and get you skating like you were born to it.

It's all very manageable stuff for anyone who's able bodied. And better still, it's really good fun!





inline skate lessons london - first lesson

  • Starting Out

    Everyone feels wobbly when they first put on skates so we'll teach you some theory to put you at ease, then get you going on the grass first.

  • 1, 2, 3 - SKATE!

    Time for your first steps. OK, at first you're going look like a bit like a penguin - but you'll take to it like a duck to water.

  • Gliding

    So, you've learned to skate like a duck, now it's time to glide like a swan. It looks easy and it is when you know how.

  • Stopping

    Very important this. We're going to teach you two ways to stop... the easy way and the very easy way. Simples.

  • Turning

    Out there in the real world there are 3 'P's that need to be avoided - people, prams and potholes. We'll get you moving round them with some nice gentle turns

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Now you've got a handle on the basics you can spend some time practicing your new skills ( and look forward to your next lesson).